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  2. Craig Fraunfelder says:

    Neither of these websites work. I just tried each of them twice. I have a history report I purchased for my girlfriend’s recently purchased Mazda 6 from AutoCheck and I was just curious how it would compare. VinAudit just freezes up, even when you try the VIN they have as an example. VinAlert has massive issues with the site itself. I can’t even stay on the first page for more than 2 seconds before the screen changes to another. I own and operate a mobile vehicle inspection service in Wisconsin and am always looking for quality reports. This was not a good first impression. I’ll check back again later.

    • Craig Fraunfelder says:

      Did you even try these services before you recommended them?

      • admin says:

        Of course I did. Both worked (and work) fine for me. It seems that you might have a virus or something else hi-jacking your browser… You say VinAudit freezes up for you? I just tried it and it pulled up the page no problem: (http://i.imgur.com/ZL2MF.png ). Ditto with VIN Alert (http://i.imgur.com/odLjc.png).

        you might want to run a Virus Scan on your computer, Craig.


        • Craig Fraunfelder says:

          With VinAudit pulling up the page is not the issue, when you run the VIN, it either just stops working or goes to a screen the says “Sorry, the system is not responding”. A computer virus would not do that. I just tried it again and it worked this time. With VinAlert when I go to the last page it goes into a bunch of computer code. It misbehaves in a different way each time I use it. I have no other issues with any other sites or with my computer. It doesn’t give me much faith in the system.

          • admin says:

            Try it on another computer. If it still mis-behaves, I’d suggest contacting the support department of each company.

            Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful

  3. JessE says:

    I just used the site and I got my report no problem for a car I was about to purchase. Thanks!

  4. Thomas Raven (@ThomRaven) says:

    I just used VinAudit and it worked perfectly.

  5. JennAmarbLes says:

    VinAudit rocks!!! Just got a report for $9.99!! Can you even believe that? Carfax should better watch out for this company!!!! Really cool. Thanks for the help here BTW

  6. Worked for me! I was headed out the door, the dealer gave me the VIN number, found this webpage, went to VinAudit, printed out report headed to dealer bought car.

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